Your Guide to Buy Men’s Belt


Get to know about belts before you buy it!

A Strip of leather or other material worn, typically round the waist, to support or hold in clothes or carry weapons is called as Belt.

But Its important to know that what is use of belt?

Hold your casual trousers or Jean? yes. But there are more of it. It can be used to make it as style statement, it can be added as personal touch for formal wear, it can create clear distinction between your top and bottom outfit, and much more.

For more use of this accessories, you should wear it improve you personality.

How to Measure Belt Size

 Belts size is always indicated in inches or centimeters.

It covers the length of the tour of the strap, measurement from the buckle to third point whole where it should be tightened.

There are some brands they choose to size their belts as per clothing sizing (small, medium, large and extra large), that comes with a waist range as 34-36”.

Use of Formal Belt

One belt you wear with tailored trouser and should be completely understated. Usually it will 2.5-3.5 centimeter wide, it is made of leather and come in black or brown or any other color. You always want that it should be finish off your outfit and play a unique role to whatever you are wearing.

Formal dress is all about promoting yourself. We should be sure about belt and shoes match and stay away from crowd.

Desirable Looks for formal belt


Use of Casual Belt

It helps you to show your personality in unique way and experiment with your casual leather belts. Width of causal belts are not standard but it range between 1.5 and 2.2cm. It is suitable for skin jeans only whereas more wider casual belts can be worn with any other trouser including chinos, jeans, cargo pants and shorts.

Following tips you should follow while buying for your belt

  1. Buckle or Strap? Either part can be unusual, eccentric or loud, but never both at the same time.
  2. You don’t need to match it with anything. In fact, try to avoid matchy-matchy shoe and belt combinations – they can appear contrived – and stay away from conflicting branding.
  3. If your jeans have a branded leather tag on the waistband, your belt should cover it.
  4. Anything wider than 4cm requires the following questions: will this pass through the loops on my trousers? And“is this really a good idea?”
  5. Woven leather, fabric webbing, studded, embroidered, tooled leather, exotic skins, printed straps… the options available on the current market are so varied, you have no excuse to wear your formal belts with a casual look. It just doesn’t work.

 Desirable Looks for Casual belt


Five tips for owning belts

If you are looking for belt collection and need guide to decidea a plan, then check below details:

1) A formal, black or brown belt, to go with your formal shoes (it isn’t difficult to find a double-sided style that features both colours):

2) A tan or natural leather belt you’ll wear with jeans. It can be woven or braided, as well as a simple leather strap:

3) A webbed, fabric version with a double-D buckle fastening for summer. Make sure this one is in a colour you can easily work into your existing wardrobe:

4) A novelty item. Coloured, snakeskin, beaded, studded, metal chain – this is the belt that you will use to mark yourself out from the crowd.

5) None at all. If your trousers fit you correctly you don’t actually need to wear a belt, allowing you to go beltless when you feel your accessorizing has gone too far. This might end up being the most important belt you own.


The logo on buckle of belt

In today’s world branding is important aspects of any product.

Almost ever brand produces a logog buckle blet. Its usually sells highest .

Find out Belt you want to buy it

Good belt can  be available anywhere, it can be hand made belt or bought on holidays, sometimes a designer style you couldn’t resist. You always ensure for unique belts and  wear it wisely.

Guidelines for styling

A belt is need in today’s modern world that divide your body in two parts. If you dress to look taller, make sure you match it with trouser or shirt, ensure the ‘line’ less pronounced.

If you are tall male and want to break your vertical line, colors or clasing work well, so take advantage with bright belts or detailed styles.

Besides, Beltless is always a better than a belt too much.


Desirable beltless look


The other options: Braces

Remember: if you like to hold up your trousers with your shoulders, the belt stays at home.

Clip on braces are not so costly so it can be picked up in small shops on even high street. Its all about try something different.

Yes, some people want more authentic then start looking for tailored trousers that has braces straps instead of belt loops. It will look with consistency does pay off:


Therefore, Belts are highly segmented – So in future if you have to choose your next stylish belt.

How will you do it. Any thoughts on it.

What is your favorite belt you like the most and what would you advice to others?

Your feedback is appreciated.

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