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7 habits of highly successful entrepreneurs

I used to waste a lot of time when I worked as an employee of a company a couple of years ago. I used to reach office by 10 am, check e-mails, go to an unproductive meeting, do chit-chat with colleagues, check e-mails again (sshh… Facebook), do a little bit of work, and then it was lunch time. I used to pretend like I was really busy and made my lunchtime-friends wait for me. The same pattern continued post lunch. I used to do some work, attend another meeting, and suddenly it was tea-time. Post tea, I pottered around, checked some more e-mails and waited till 5:30 pm to go home. I experienced a transformation only after leaving the job and...

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Young Steve Jobs on how to hire, manage, and lead people - MUST WATCH

Life of Steve Jobs is like a complete book, he has experienced big success, failure, billionaire, became celebrity, change the game of many industry particularly technology and music. He is legend and left a big impact on the world. He saw a dream and protected it. He is now no more but he changed the life of the people the way people lived. This small video is a snapshot, what he believed and how he created influence on his team for common goal.

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